Information for Booksellers and Distributors

Information for booksellers and distributors representing EMS Press.

Journals and eBooks

Representation of EMS Press

If you are interested in representing EMS Press for journal and/or eBook sales in your territory please contact Please note that we currently have exclusive representation in the People’s Republic of China and in India, and have national consortia deals in Brazil and France, as such we will not respond to agent enquiries from these regions.

New Subscriptions/Renewals

Subscriptions are entered into on a calendar year basis (Jan - Dec). Unless indicated otherwise subscriptions will automatically renew each calendar year, which ensures uninterrupted access to our content. 

EMS Press will contact all subscribers without auto-renewal in the quarter prior to subscription expiry, in order to ensure service is not disrupted due to lapsed subscriptions. This may be in addition to any renewal notices sent by agent partners.

Online only subscriptions include access to the electronic version from IP addresses provided by the customer. Print plus online subscriptions comprise one copy of the print version (postage and handling included) and access to the electronic version from IP addresses provided by the customer.

Subscription Rates and Agent Discounts

The annual subscription rates are given on the individual journals' pages. A list of all current journal prices is available to download, as is a PDF version of our journal catalogue.

Our eBook subscription prices are available on the eBooks page, and vary depending on whether your subscription is new or a renewal.

Agent discounts may be discussed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to discuss further please contact

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Current subscribers will, of course, be notified of such changes. Agents will be supplied with forthcoming price changes with a suitable period of notice.

Terms of Electronic Access

Subscribers are granted immediate access to the journal(s) and eBooks  to which they subscribe, including the archives of said journal(s), for the duration of the subscription period. Upon termination of a subscription, the customer retains access to content for which they have previously paid, in perpetuity, but loses access to any forthcoming content.

Access is allowed from the IP address range(s) given by the customer, which are to cover no more than the university's main campus, or the site of the subscribing library - multi-site access will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. At present, we do not request signature of any license agreement. However, the European Mathematical Society Publishing House (EMS Press) is included on the Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) registry which provides general guidelines for the handling of electronic content in good faith. EMS Press encourages its subscribers and partner agents to endorse this project.

General order information

Changes of Address

Please report any change of address at least 4 weeks before it is to take effect, giving both current and future address, and the title of the journal(s) to which you subscribe.


Claims for issues not received should be made promptly - at the very latest immediately upon receipt of the issue succeeding the missing issue.

Claims for books not received (for subscribers who have added print copies to their subscription, please visit our eBooks page for more information) should be made promptly - at the very latest within one calendar year after publication.

Back Volumes

Back volumes of the journals are available at the current subscription rate per volume.

Sample Copies

Partner agents may request sample issues through - we will assess your request and where approved will send a copy free of charge. A free sample issue of each journal is also available via our online platform.

Payment Information

Account owner: European Mathematical Society - EMS - Publishing House GmbH Owner address: TU Berlin Mathematikgebäude, Straße des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin, Germany IBAN (EUR): DE24 1007 0024 0050 9505 00 BIC: DEUTDEDBBER Bank: DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG, Berlin


Agent Representation

If you are interested in representing EMS Press print books in your territory please contact Agent discount and terms of service will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 

Please note that we currently have exclusive representation in The Americas, China (including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau), South Korea, and India and will therefore not respond to agent enquiries from these regions.

General Order Information

Customers can view our complete book catalogue, with prices, via our online platform. The prices set by EMS Press are subject to change without notice and do not include shipping and handling fees. All orders must be paid in Euro (excluding orders from the Americas); we will dispatch once payment is received. Orders will be invoiced with their net amount and are subject to national VAT regulations. Please note that we will not accept returns that have not been pre-authorised.

For all enquiries, including returns, please contact