About EMS Press

EMS Press is the publishing house of the European Mathematical Society, the not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of mathematics in Europe. We have a digital and print portfolio of more than 20 peer-reviewed journals and a growing catalogue of over 200 books. Our editorial mission is to publish high-quality research for both the European and global mathematics community. We focus on technology-driven solutions for academic publishing, and are committed to delivering fair and sustainable open access.

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Our mission is to serve mathematical scholarship through the publication of high-quality, accessible and open research.

Sitting at the heart of our community we strive for modern and inclusive publishing, with an emphasis on fairness and sustainability.


  • André Gaul

    André Gaul


    PhD in Mathematics. Computer Scientist. Founder of PaperHive.

  • Apostolos Damialis

    Apostolos Damialis

    Editorial Director

    PhD in Mathematics. Publisher. Engaging our community.

  • Ilvy Lützen

    Ilvy Lützen

    Office Assistant
  • Laura Simonite

    Laura Simonite

    Head of Business Development

    Passionate about transparency and open research.

  • Theresa Haney

    Theresa Haney

    Production Manager

    Running production smoothly. Working in publishing since 2012.

  • Vanessa Haazipolo

    Vanessa Haazipolo

    Production Assistant
  • Karin Neidhart

    Karin Neidhart

    Sales Support

    Books and Journals. General support.

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board of the EMS Publishing House is appointed by the Society to oversee major decisions undertaken by the leadership of the Press. They meet with the Press on a biannual basis, and provide valuable feedback and suggestions on a variety of topics.

  • Volker Mehrmann

    Volker Mehrmann

    President / Professor

    President of the EMS, Professor at TU Berlin

  • Mats Gyllenberg

    Mats Gyllenberg

    Treasurer / Professor / Permanent Secretary

    Treasurer of the EMS, Professor at University of Helsinki, Permanent Secretary at Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters

  • Jiří Rákosník

    Jiří Rákosník

    Secretary / Researcher

    Secretary of the EMS, Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague

  • Pavel Exner

    Pavel Exner

    Scientific Director

    Scientific director of Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics in Prague

  • Etienne Emmrich

    Etienne Emmrich

    Professor / Dean

    Professor at TU Berlin, Dean of Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences at TU Berlin

Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific advisory board is consulted by the EMS Publishing House to maintain – and where possible to improve – the high scientific standards of the Press's portfolio. The current board serves from 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2022.

  • László Erdős

    László Erdős

    Institute of Science and Technology Austria
  • Frances Kirwan

    Frances Kirwan

    University of Oxford
  • Gábor Lugosi

    Gábor Lugosi

    Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Tomaž Pisanski

    Tomaž Pisanski

    University of Primorska
  • Angelika Steger

    Angelika Steger

    ETH Zürich
  • Zdeněk Strakoš

    Zdeněk Strakoš

    Univerzita Karlova
  • Dmitri Vassiliev

    Dmitri Vassiliev

    University College London
  • Cem Yalçın Yıldırım

    Cem Yalçın Yıldırım

    Boğaziçi University


The EMS Publishing House was first established in 2001 in Zurich, under the legal entity the European Mathematical Foundation - this allowed the publisher to remain true to the not-for-profit mission of the European Mathematical Society. Founding Managing Director, Thomas Hintermann, undertook this venture with the aim of better serving the mathematics community by taking control of publications back from large commercial publishers. The new publisher was founded on an editorial principle that remains a core part of the Press’s philosophy to this day:

“The collection and presentation of scientific results belong in the hands of people who can do it effectively […] However, commercialism should not determine or influence the way this process is being conducted.”

With robust editorial practices and strong leadership, the publisher grew and became the established and successful organisation you see today. In 2019 Hintermann announced his retirement and a new leadership team took the helm. Moving to Berlin, the Publisher was refounded as the EMS-owned European Mathematical Society - EMS - Publishing House GmbH. The newly established organisation also gained a new Managing Director in Dr. André Gaul, and a new imprint - EMS Press. While the publisher will continue to evolve, our guiding principle remains; we are the mathematics community publisher.