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EMS Press launches Subscribe To Open for 10 journals

EMS Press launches its open access offering with the announcement of a Subscribe To Open programme for 2021 with 10 titles from its portfolio.

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Who we are

EMS Press is a Berlin-based mathematics publisher dedicated to the publication of high-quality, peer-reviewed journals and books. With a digital and print portfolio of more than 20 journals and catalogue of some 200 books, the press’s editorial team is focused on creating and curating the very best resources for our community. The Press is committed to transparency and openness, with a strong focus on tech-first solutions for academic publishing. EMS Press is an imprint of EMS Publishing House GmbH, a subsidiary of the not-for-profit organization European Mathematical Society.

behind the scenes


  • André Gaul

    André Gaul


    PhD in Mathematics. Computer Scientist. Founder of PaperHive.

  • Apostolos Damialis

    Apostolos Damialis

    Editorial Director

    PhD in Mathematics. Publisher. Engaging our community.

  • Beatriz Sanz - temporary picture

    Beatriz Sanz

    Sales and Marketing Executive

    Committed to expand knowledge

  • Laura Simonite

    Laura Simonite

    Head of Business Development

    Passionate about transparency and open research.

  • Sylvia Fellmann Lotrovsky

    Sylvia Fellmann Lotrovsky

    Head of Production

    Cares about perfection in content presentation.

  • Karin Neidhart

    Karin Neidhart

    Sales Support

    Books and Journals. General support.

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