Traveling waves in a one-dimensional heterogeneous medium

  • James Nolen

    Department of Mathematics, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305, USA
  • Lenya Ryzhik

    Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL 60637, USA


We consider solutions of a scalar reaction–diffusion equation of the ignition type with a random, stationary and ergodic reaction rate. We show that solutions of the Cauchy problem spread with a deterministic rate in the long time limit. We also establish existence of generalized random traveling waves and of transition fronts in general heterogeneous media.

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James Nolen, Lenya Ryzhik, Traveling waves in a one-dimensional heterogeneous medium. Ann. Inst. H. Poincaré Anal. Non Linéaire 26 (2009), no. 3, pp. 1021–1047

DOI 10.1016/J.ANIHPC.2009.02.003