On the braided Connes–Moscovici construction

  • Ivan Bartulović

    Université de Lille, France; TU Dresden, Germany
On the braided Connes–Moscovici construction cover

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In 1998, Connes and Moscovici defined the cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras. In 2010, Khalkhali and Pourkia proposed a braided generalization: to any Hopf algebra in a braided category , they associate a paracocyclic object in . In this paper, we explicitly compute the powers of the paracocyclic operator of this paracocyclic object. Also, we introduce twisted modular pairs in involution for and derive (co)cyclic modules from them. Finally, we relate the paracocyclic object associated with to that associated with an -module coalgebra via a categorical version of the Connes–Moscovici trace.

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Ivan Bartulović, On the braided Connes–Moscovici construction. J. Noncommut. Geom. (2023), published online first

DOI 10.4171/JNCG/541