JournalsowrVol. 13, No. 3pp. 2465–2511

Many-Body Quantum Systems and Effective Theories

  • Christian Hainzl

    Universität Tübingen, Germany
  • Benjamin Schlein

    Universität Zürich, Switzerland
  • Robert Seiringer

    Institute of Science and Technology, Klosterneuburg, Austria
Many-Body Quantum Systems and Effective Theories cover
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In the last years, substantial progress has been made in many areas of mathematical physics. The goal of this workshop was to bring together researchers working on analytic and probabilistic aspects of many-body quantum systems and quantum statistical mechanics, to discuss recent developments, exchange ideas and propose new challenges and research directions. Among the questions addressed during the workshop were the derivation of effective equations, the analysis of physically interesting nonlinear partial differential equations emerging from microscopic theories, the study of open quantum systems in and out of equilibrium, and the investigation of the ground state properties and of the dynamics of quantum spin systems.

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Christian Hainzl, Benjamin Schlein, Robert Seiringer, Many-Body Quantum Systems and Effective Theories. Oberwolfach Rep. 13 (2016), no. 3, pp. 2465–2511

DOI 10.4171/OWR/2016/43