JournalsowrVol. 7 / No. 4DOI 10.4171/owr/2010/47

Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Topological Robotics

  • Michael Farber

    Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom
  • Jesus Gonzalez Espino Barros

    CINVESTAV–I.P.N., Mexico, D.F., Mexico
  • Dirk Schütz

    University of Durham, UK
Arbeitsgemeinschaft: Topological Robotics cover

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The purpose of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft was to enable PhD students and researchers to study Topological Robotics, a new field investigating topological problems motivated by robotics and engineering as well as problems of practical robotics requiring topological tools. The topics broadly fell into the areas of Topology of configuration spaces, Topological complexity of robot motion planning algorithms and Stochastic topology.