Optimal measures for pp-frame energies on spheres

  • Dmitriy Bilyk

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
  • Alexey Glazyrin

    University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, USA
  • Ryan Matzke

    University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA
  • Josiah Park

    Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
  • Oleksandr Vlasiuk

    Florida State University, Tallahassee, USA
Optimal measures for $p$-frame energies on spheres cover
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We provide new answers about the distribution of mass on spheres so as to minimize energies of pairwise interactions. We find optimal measures for the pp-frame energies, i.e., energies with the kernel given by the absolute value of the inner product raised to a positive power pp. Application of linear programming methods in the setting of projective spaces allows for describing the minimizing measures in full in several cases: we show optimality of tight designs and of the 600-cell for several ranges of pp in different dimensions. Our methods apply to a much broader class of potential functions, namely, those which are absolutely monotonic up to a particular order.

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Dmitriy Bilyk, Alexey Glazyrin, Ryan Matzke, Josiah Park, Oleksandr Vlasiuk, Optimal measures for pp-frame energies on spheres. Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 38 (2022), no. 4, pp. 1129–1160

DOI 10.4171/RMI/1329