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Articles that are accepted and will be published.

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Miguel A. Alejo, Adán J. Corcho
Orbital stability of the black soliton for the quintic Gross-Pitaevskii equation
Received 30 May 2023; accepted 20 December 2023

Lior Alon, Cynthia Vinzant Gap distributions of Fourier quasicrystals with integer weights via Lee-Yang polynomials
Received 9 August 2023; accepted 1 April 2024

Ivan Cheltsov, Igor Krylov, Jesus Martinez-Garcia, Evgeny Shinder
On maximally non-factorial nodal Fano threefolds
Received 2 June 2023; accepted 3 March 2024

Chu-hee Cho, Jin Bong Lee, Kalachand Shuin
improving properties and maximal estimates for certain multilinear averaging operators
Received 6 June 2023; accepted 20 March 2024

Jacob Honeycutt, Vyron Vellis, Scott Zimmerman Bi-Lipschitz arcs in metric spaces with controlled geometry
Received 6 July 2023; accepted 2 April 2024

Shin-ichi Ohta
Barycenters and a law of large numbers in Gromov hyperbolic spaces
Received 23 March 2023; accepted 3 April 2024

Lyudmila Korobenko, Eric T. Sawyer
Sums of squares III: hypoellipticity in the infinitely degenerate regime
Received 15 March 2023; accepted 26 March 2024