On the Theriault conjecture for self homotopy equivalences

  • Badr Ben El Krafi

    Hassan II University Aïn Chock, Casablanca, Morocco
  • My Ismail Mamouni

    CRMEF Rabat, Morocco


Our main purpose in this paper is to resolve, in a rational homotopy theory context, the following open question asked by S. Theriaul: given a topological space XX, what one may say about the nilpotency of aut1(X)_1(X) when the cocategory of its classifying space Baut1(X)_1(X) is finite? Here aut1(X)_1(X) denotes the path component of the identity map in the set of self homotopy equivalences of XX. More precisely, we prove that

HNilQ(aut1(X))cocatQ(Baut1(X)),\mathrm {HNil}_\mathbb Q(\mathrm {aut}_1(X))\leqslant\mathrm {cocat}_\mathbb Q(\mathrm {Baut}_1(X)),

when XX is a simply connected CW-complex of finite type and that the equality holds when Baut1(X)_1(X) is coformal. Many intersections with other popular open questions will be discussed.

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Badr Ben El Krafi, My Ismail Mamouni, On the Theriault conjecture for self homotopy equivalences. Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova 138 (2017), pp. 209–221

DOI 10.4171/RSMUP/138-10