Unusual spectral categories

  • María José Arroyo Paniagua

    Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa, Mexico
  • Alberto Facchini

    Università di Padova, Italy
  • Marino Gran

    Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • George Janelidze

    University of Cape Town, Rondebosch, South Africa
Unusual spectral categories cover
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The paper is devoted to a kind of “very non-abelian” spectral categories. Under strong conditions on a category , we prove, among other things, that, for a given faithful localization , we have canonical equivalences Spec(category of injective objects in , and that has natural injective envelopes.

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María José Arroyo Paniagua, Alberto Facchini, Marino Gran, George Janelidze, Unusual spectral categories. Rend. Sem. Mat. Univ. Padova 144 (2020), pp. 13–25

DOI 10.4171/RSMUP/53