The Hausdorff Nearest Circle to a Triangle

  • I. Ginchev

    Technical University Varna, Bulgaria


The problem of finding the nearest in the Hausdorif metrics circle to a non-empty convex compact set in the plane is considered. It is shown that this problem is equivalent to the problem of the Chebyshevian best approximation of -periodic functions by trigonometric polynomials of first order and in consequence the Hausdorif nearest circle is unique. The case when is a triangle is solved completely. It is shown then that the center of the nearest circle is the intersection point of the midline of the longest side and the bisectrix against the shortest side of the triangle.

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I. Ginchev, The Hausdorff Nearest Circle to a Triangle. Z. Anal. Anwend. 13 (1994), no. 4, pp. 711–723

DOI 10.4171/ZAA/482