25 June 2020

EMS Press launches Subscribe To Open for 10 journals

Laura Simonite

EMS Press launches its open access offering with the announcement of a Subscribe To Open programme for 2021 with 10 titles from its portfolio.

EMS Press Open Access

Berlin, Germany - 25th June 2020

EMS Press, the publishing house of the European Mathematical Society, is today announcing the launch of its Subscribe To Open (S2O) programme. 10 journals, including the European Mathematical Society’s flagship journal Journal of the European Mathematical Society, have been selected for the initial S2O round which, if successful, will see those titles flip to open access in January 2021.

S2O retains the familiar subscription framework for libraries, whilst offering support for open access; this therefore allows the Press to continue to enjoy close ties with the mathematics community. Furthermore, because there are no fees for authors, S2O represents a fair and equitable approach to publication in which quality rather than cost dictates where an author may publish. Ultimately S2O offers a streamlined and sustainable in-house workflow which allows the Press’s focus to always centre on the publication of high-quality, relevant content.

Speaking on the transition, EMS President Volker Mehrmann commented “In July 2019 the EMS supported the ICIAM Initiative on Open Access, which had several requirements regarding open access. We are convinced that the Press’s adoption of Subscribe To Open supports these requirements and thus serves our community in the most sustainable and equitable way.”

To discuss any aspect of the new Subscribe To Open programme, please contact Laura Simonite, Head of Business Development. You can also read our S2O 2020 report, based on a community consultation survey conducted in Spring 2020.

Download a PDF copy of this press release.

For press enquiries please contact marketing@ems.press.


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