15 June 2022

Completion of Migration to ems.press from Legacy Platform

André Gaul

On 30th June 2022, the old publishing platform (ems-ph.org) will start redirecting to the new platform at ems.press. All links will keep working but subscribers are advised to check whether their services like proxy/VPN servers or usage report collections may need adjustments.

Technology Updates

In 2021, we launched the new content platform on ems.press and gradually made available all journal and books content. The old platform at ems-ph.org was running alongside the new platform to give libraries and readers the opportunity to transition smoothly and to provide feedback on how our technology can serve the mathematics community best. On 30th June 2022, we are completing the migration process and the following list explains what this means in detail:

  • Subscribers have access to the same EMS Press content on ems.press as on the old platform. Access is granted through IP authentication but further methods are going to be integrated soon (e.g., OpenAthens). Libraries do not need to create an account or send new IP addresses to maintain access to the content.

  • All EMS Press DOIs point to ems.press.

  • All relevant ems-ph.org URLs will redirect to the corresponding page on ems.press, including URLs for journals, articles, article PDFs, book series, books/chapters, and book/chapter PDFs. The legacy platform redirects are guaranteed to remain functional until 30th June 2023 but we may extend this period if necessary.

  • For the new platform, all usage data for subscribers (COUNTER reports, SUSHI) is now available through LibLynx. Please contact us at info@ems.press if you do not have access yet to the new COUNTER reports through LibLynx. Make sure to include all email addresses for staff that are handling usage data and we will send invites. Usage data from before July 2022 is split between both platforms but we offer ingesting historical data (from 2016 on) into LibLynx. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about migrating historical usage data. COUNTER reports from the old platform will remain available until 30th June 2023.

  • The new platform is hosted through a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) instead of a single server and single IP address. This new setup offers a high degree of resilience and much faster page loads globally. Libraries that operate a proxy/VPN server and match publisher IPs for routing traffic are advised to update the IP matching to include all IPs of ems.press. Please contact us at info@ems.press if you need more information.

The new platform will continue to evolve and we will keep reporting about new developments in future Update articles. Subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you receive updates as they happen.


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