Schubert polynomials and degeneracy locus formulas

  • Harry Tamvakis

    University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Schubert polynomials and degeneracy locus formulas cover
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In previous work, we employed the approach to Schubert polynomials by Fomin, Stanley, and Kirillov to obtain simple, uniform proofs that the double Schubert polynomials of Lascoux and Schützenberger and Ikeda, Mihalcea, and Naruse represent degeneracy loci for the classical groups in the sense of Fulton. Using this as our starting point, and purely combinatorial methods, we obtain a new proof of the general formulas of [T5], which represent the degeneracy loci coming from any isotropic partial flag variety. Along the way, we also find several new formulas and elucidate the connections between some earlier ones.