Branching random walks in random environment

  • Wolfgang König

    Weierstraß-Institut Berlin für Angewandte Analysis und Stochastik, Germany; TU Berlin, Germany
Branching random walks in random environment cover
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We consider branching particle processes on discrete structures like the hypercube in a random fitness landscape (i.e. random branching/killing rates). The main question is about the location where the main part of the population sits at a late time, if the state space is large. For answering this, we take the expectation with respect to the migration (mutation) and the branching/killing (selection) mechanisms, for fixed rates. This is intimately connected with the parabolic Anderson model, the heat equation with random potential, a model that is of interest in mathematical physics because of the observed prominent effect of intermittency (local concentration of the mass of the solution in small islands). We present several advances in the investigation of this effect, also related to questions inspired from biology.