Classification of Algebraic Varieties


  • Carel Faber

    Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Eduard Looijenga

    University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Gerard van der Geer

    University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Classification of Algebraic Varieties cover
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Fascinating and surprising developments are taking place in the classification of algebraic varieties. Work of Hacon and McKernan and many others is causing a wave of breakthroughs in the Minimal Model Program: we now know that for a smooth projective variety the canonical ring is finitely generated. These new results and methods are reshaping the field.

Inspired by this exciting progress, the editors organized a meeting at Schiermonnikoog and invited leading experts to write papers about the recent developments. The result is the present volume, a lively testimony of the sudden advances that originate from these new ideas.

This volume will be of interest to a wide range of pure mathematicians, but will appeal especially to algebraic and analytic geometers.