Lectures on Universal Teichmüller Space

  • Armen Sergeev

    Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Lectures on Universal Teichmüller Space cover

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1Quasiconformal mapspp. 1–17
2Universal Teichmüller spacepp. 19–35
3Subspaces of universal Teichmüller spacepp. 37–53
4Grassmann realization of the universal Teichmüller spacepp. 55–68
5Quantization of the space of normalized diffeomorphismspp. 69–83
6Quantization of universal Teichmüller spacepp. 85–92
7Instead of an afterword. Universal Teichmüller space and string theorypp. 93–94
8Problemspp. 95–97
Bibliographical commentspp. 99–100
Bibliographypp. 101–102
Indexpp. 103–104