New ICT architecture

  • Moritz Allmaras

    Siemens AG, München, Germany
  • Andreas Pirsing

    Siemens AG, Berlin, Germany
  • Tim Schenk

    Siemens AG, München, Germany
  • Annelie Sohr

    Siemens AG, München, Germany
New ICT architecture cover

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In this chapter, we discuss which indicators and views of water supply systems are needed to address all relevant user roles targeted by a decision support system. We begin with an overview of the indicators that are used to estimate and compare the efficiency of water supply systems. The specific energy consumption is only of limited usefulness in this context, hence hydraulic and electric efficiency indicators are defined that allow the formulation of an overall efficiency of a plant. Then, the relevant user roles and related quality attributes for a decision support system are investigated. The chapter concludes with a detailed discussion on how the user interface for the EWave system has been designed and implemented in order to meet these system qualities.