Large Scale Geometry

  • Piotr W. Nowak

    IM PAN, Warsaw, Poland
  • Guoliang Yu

    Texas A&M University, College Station, USA
Large Scale Geometry cover

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Large scale geometry is the study of geometric objects viewed from a great distance.

The idea of large scale geometry can be traced back to Mostow’s work on rigidity and the work of Švarc, Milnor and Wolf on growth of groups. In the last decades, large scale geometry has found important applications in group theory, topology, geometry, higher index theory, computer science, and large data analysis.

This book provides a friendly approach to the basic theory of this exciting and fast growing subject and offers a glimpse of its applications to topology, geometry, and higher index theory.

The authors have made a conscientious effort to make the book accessible to advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and non-experts.

This book has appeared in a second edition in 2023.