Noncommutative counterparts of the Springer resolution

  • Roman Bezrukavnikov

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, United States
Noncommutative counterparts of the Springer resolution cover

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Springer resolution of the set of nilpotent elements in a semisimple Lie algebra plays a central role in geometric representation theory. A new structure on this variety has arisen in several representation theoretic constructions, such as the (local) geometric Langlands duality and modular representation theory. It is also related to some algebro-geometric problems, such as the derived equivalence conjecture and description of T. Bridgeland’s space of stability conditions. The structure can be described as a noncommutative counterpart of the resolution, or as a t-structure on the derived category of the resolution. The intriguing fact that the same t-structure appears in these seemingly disparate subjects has strong technical consequences for modular representation theory.