Martin Eichler – Leben und Werk

  • Jürg Kramer

    Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
Martin Eichler – Leben und Werk cover

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In this paper, the life and work of Martin Eichler, who taught at the University of Basel from 1958 until his retirement in 1980, is presented. It gives an overview of his fundamental contributions to the arithmetic of algebras and quadratic forms, the theory of modular forms and Jacobi forms, as well as the Riemann–Roch Theorem. In particular, one of his most original contributions, namely the confirmation the Taniyama–Shimura conjecture by first non-trivial examples, is discussed, which experienced a renaissance in connection with A. Wiles’ proof of the Fermat Conjecture. The article contains a complete list of Martin Eichler’s publications.