Green functions via hyperbolic localization.

  • Pramod N. Achar

    Department of Mathematics Louisiana State University Baton Rouge LA 70803 USA
Green functions via hyperbolic localization. cover
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Let GG be a reductive algebraic group, with nilpotent cone \cN\cN and flag variety \cB\cB. We construct an exact functor from perverse sheaves on \cN\cN to locally constant sheaves on \cB\cB, and we use it to study Ext-groups and stalks of simple perverse sheaves on \cN\cN in terms of the cohomology of \cB\cB.

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Pramod N. Achar, Green functions via hyperbolic localization.. Doc. Math. 16 (2011), pp. 869–884

DOI 10.4171/DM/353