Journal of the European Mathematical Society

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The Journal of the European Mathematical Society (JEMS) is the official journal of the EMS.

The Society, founded in 1990, works at promoting joint scientific efforts between the many different structures that characterize European mathematics. JEMS will publish research articles in all active areas of pure and applied mathematics. These will be selected by a distinguished, international board of editors for their outstanding quality and interest, according to the highest international standards.

Occasionally, substantial survey papers on topics of exceptional interest will also be published. Starting in 1999, the Journal was published by Springer-Verlag until the end of 2003. Since 2004 it is published by the EMS Publishing House. The first Editor-in-Chief of the journal was Jürgen Jost, succeeded by Haïm Brezis in 2004, François Loeser in 2014, and Barbara Kaltenbacher in 2019.

The journal is indexed in zbMATH Open, and Mathematical Reviews, as well as in Scopus and Web of Science (in the Science Citation Index Extended database, thus in the Journal Citation Reports). Furthermore, it is listed in the DOAJ.

The journal is owned by the European Mathematical Society and it adheres to its Code of Practice.

The Journal of the European Mathematical Society is published in one volume per annum, twelve issues per volume, approximately 4800 pages.