L\mathcal L-invariants and Darmon cycles attached to modular forms

  • Victor Rotger

    Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
  • Marco Adamo Seveso

    Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy


Let ff be a modular eigenform of even weight k2k\geq 2 and new at a prime pp dividing exactly the level with respect to an indefinite quaternion algebra. The theory of Fontaine-Mazur allows to attach to ff a monodromy module DfFM\mathbf{D}^{FM}_f and an L\mathcal{L}-invariant LfFM\mathcal{L}^{FM}_f. The first goal of this paper is building a suitable pp-adic integration theory that allows us to construct a new monodromy module Df\mathbf{D}_f and L{\mathcal{L}}-invariant Lf{\mathcal{L}}_f, in the spirit of Darmon. The two monodromy modules are isomorphic, and in particular the two L{\mathcal{L}}-invariants are equal.
Let KK be a real quadratic field and assume the sign of the functional equation of the LL-series of ff over KK is 1-1. The Bloch-Beilinson conjectures suggest that there should be a supply of elements in the Selmer group of the motive attached to ff over the tower of narrow ring class fields of KK. Generalizing work of Darmon for k=2k=2, we give a construction of local cohomology classes which we expect to arise from global classes and satisfy an explicit reciprocity law, accounting for the above prediction.

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Victor Rotger, Marco Adamo Seveso, L\mathcal L-invariants and Darmon cycles attached to modular forms. J. Eur. Math. Soc. 14 (2012), no. 6, pp. 1955–1999

DOI 10.4171/JEMS/352