JournalsjemsVol. 22, No. 7pp. 2047–2133

The intrinsic formality of EnE_n-operads

  • Benoit Fresse

    Université de Lille, France
  • Thomas Willwacher

    ETH Zürich, Switzerland
The intrinsic formality of $E_n$-operads cover
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We establish that EnE_n-operads satisfy a rational intrinsic formality theorem for n3n\geq 3. We gain our results in the category of Hopf cooperads in cochain graded dg-modules which defines a model for the rational homotopy of operads in spaces. We consider, in this context, the dual cooperad of the nn-Poisson operad Poisnc\mathsf{Pois}_n^c, which represents the cohomology of the operad of little nn-discs Dn\mathsf{D}_n. We assume n3n\geq 3. We explicitly prove that a Hopf cooperad in cochain graded dg-modules K\mathsf{K} is weakly-equivalent (quasi-isomorphic) to Poisnc\mathsf{Pois}_n^c as a Hopf cooperad as soon as we have an isomorphism at the cohomology level H(K)PoisncH^*(\mathsf{K})\simeq\mathsf{Pois}_n^c when 4n4\nmid n. We just need the extra assumption that K\mathsf{K} is equipped with an involutive isomorphism mimicking the action of a hyperplane reflection on the little nn-discs operad in order to extend this formality statement in the case 4n4\mid n. We deduce from these results that any operad in simplicial sets P\mathsf{P} which satisfies the relation H(P,Q)PoisncH^*(\mathsf{P},\mathbb{Q})\simeq\mathsf{Pois}_n^c in rational cohomology (and an analogue of our extra involution requirement in the case 4n4\mid n) is rationally weakly equivalent to an operad in simplicial sets LG(Poisnc)\mathtt L \mathtt G_{\bullet}(\mathsf{Pois}_n^c) which we determine from the nn-Poisson cooperad Poisnc\mathsf{Pois}_n^c. We also prove that the morphisms ι:DmDn\iota: \mathsf{D}_m\rightarrow\mathsf{D}_n, which link the little discs operads together, are rationally formal as soon as nm2n-m\geq 2.

These results enable us to retrieve the (real) formality theorems of Kontsevich by a new approach, and to sort out the question of the existence of formality quasi-isomorphisms defined over the rationals (and not only over the reals) in the case of the little discs operads of dimension n3n\geq 3.

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Benoit Fresse, Thomas Willwacher, The intrinsic formality of EnE_n-operads. J. Eur. Math. Soc. 22 (2020), no. 7, pp. 2047–2133

DOI 10.4171/JEMS/961