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M. Abért, N. Bergeron, M. Frączyk, D. Gaboriau
On homology torsion growth
Received 31 August 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

B. Adamczewski, T. Dreyfus, C. Hardouin, M. Wibmer
Algebraic independence and linear difference equations
Received 9 November 2020; accepted 28 February 2021

H. Ammari, Y. T. Chow, H. Liu, M. Sunkula
Quantum integrable systems and concentration of plasmon resonance
Received 30 November 2021; accepted 26 September 2022

M. Ancona
Exponential rarefaction of maximal real algebraic hypersurfaces
Received 24 October 2020; accepted 3 July 2021

H. Attouch, R. Bot, E. Csetnek
Optimization via inertial dynamics with closed-loop damping
Received 10 September 2020; accepted 4 January 2021

T. Bachmann
The very effective covers of KO and KGL over Dedekind schemes
Received 17 February 2022; accepted 2 June 2022

S. Backman, C. Eur, C. Simpson
Simplicial generation of Chow rings of matroids
Received 1 April 2021; accepted 10 September 2021

S. Baguley, L. Döring, A. Kyprianou
General path integrals and stable SDEs
Received 11 December 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

X. Bai, X. He, W.-M. Ni
Dynamics of a periodic-Parabolic Lotka-Volterra competition-diffusion system in heterogeneous environments
Received 23 September 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

B. Bakker, Y. Brunebarbe, B. Klingler, J. Tsimerman
Definability of mixed period maps
Received 19 November 2020; accepted 25 October 2021

J. A. Baldwin, Y. Hu, S. Sivek
Khovanov homology and the cinquefoil
Received 10 September 2021; accpeted 25 January 2022

J. Baldwin, S. Sivek
Instantons and L-space surgeries
Received 1 July 2020; accepted 8 April 2021

P. Balister, B. Bollobás, R. Morris, J. Sahasrabudhe, M. Tiba
The structure and number of Erdos covering systems
Received 9 April 2019; accepted 8 November 2022

M. Bate, D. Stewart
Irreducible modules for pseudo-reductive groups
Received 31 May 2019; accepted 18 November 2019

P. Baumann, S. Gaussent, P. Littelmann
Bases of tensor products and geometric Satake correspondence
Received 30 September 2020; accepted 7 April 2021

R. Bauerschmidt, C. Webb
The Coleman correspondence at the free fermion point
Received 10 December 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

E. Bayer-Fluckiger
Isometries of lattices and Hasse principles
Received 6 January 2021; accepted 28 June 2021

M. Bays, I. Kaplan, P. Simon
Density of compressible types and some consequence
Received 5 October 2021; accepted 3 October 2021

J. Bedrossian, A. Blumenthal, S. Punshon-Smith
Lagrangian chaos and scalar advection in stochastic fluid mechanics
Received 23 February 2019; accepted 4 July 2021

J. P. Bell, K. Huang, J. Peng, T. J. Tucker
A Tits alternative for endomorphisms of the projective line (formerly "A Tits alternative for rational functions")
Received 7 May 2021; accepted 25 January 2022

J. Ben-Artzi, M. Marletta, F. Rösler
Computing scattering resonances
Received 21 May 2020; accepted 24 March 2022

F. Benirschke
The boundary of linear subvarieties
Received 25 July 2020; accepted 25 March 2021

V. Berthé, W. Steiner, J. Thuswaldner
Multidimensional continued fractions and symbolic codings of toral translations
Received 25 September 2020; accepted 11 October 2021

J. Bertoin
Counterbalancing steps at random in a random walk
Received 27 November 2020; 3 July 2022

V. Blomer, F. Brumley
Simultaneous equidistribution of toric periods and fractional moments of L-functions
Received 30 November 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

M. Bodirsky, M. Kummer, A. Thom
Spectrahedral Shadows and Completely Positive Maps on Real Closed Fields
Received 11 July 2022; accepted 3 October 2022

J. Bolte, E. Pauwels, R. Rios-Zertuche
Long term dynamics of the subgradient method for Lipschitz path differentiable functions
Received 24 September 2021; accepted 27 December 2021

M. Bonamy, N. Bousquet, L. Esperet, C. Groenland, C.-H. Liu, F. Pirot, A. Scott
Asymptotic dimension of minor-closed families and Assouad–Nagata dimension of surfaces
Received 22 January 2021; accepted 4 June 2021

C. Bräuninger, H. Mildenberger
A Simple P1P_{\aleph_1}-Point and a Simple P2P_{\aleph_2}-Point
Received 24 September 2020; 2 August 2022

D. Bresch, A. Vasseur, C. Yu
Global existence of entropy-weak solutions to the compressible Navier–Stokes equations with non-linear density dependent viscosities
Received 7 May 2019; accepted 4 January 2021

E. Breuillard, N. de Saxcé
A subspace theorem for manifolds
Received 5 March 2021; accepted 26 November 2021

B. Bringmann
Invariant Gibbs measures for the three-dimensional wave equation with a Hartree nonlinearity II: Dynamics
Received 13 Nov 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

M. K. Brown, D. Erman
Tate resolutions on toric varieties
Received 28 March 2022; accepted 1 November 2022

Z. Brzezniak, X. Peng, J. Zhai
Well-posedness and large deviations for 2-D Stochastic Navier-Stokes equations with jumps
Received 3 December 2019; accepted 25 September 2021

M. Bucic, B. Sudakov, T. Tran
Erdős-Szekeres theorem for multidimensional arrays
Received 5 November 2019; accepted 12 April 2022

A. Calderon, N. Salter
Framed mapping class groups and the monodromy of strata of abelian differentials
Received 12 August 2020; accepted 12 December 2021

T. Candy, S. Herr, K. Nakanishi
The Zakharov system in dimension d4d \geqslant 4
Received 12 December 2019; accepted 26 September 2020

A. Caraiani, D. Gulotta, C. Johansson
Vanishing theorems for Shimura varieties at unipotent level
Received 30 October 2019; accepted 3 July 2021

P. Cardaliaguet, M. Cirant, A. Porretta
Splitting methods and short time existence for the master equations in mean field games
Received 24 January 2020; accepted 25 September 2021

M. Cekić, T. Lefeuvre
The Holonomy Inverse Problem
24 August 2021; accepted 3 October 2022

K. Cesnavicius, M. Neururer, A. Saha
The Manin constant and the modular degree
24 Juni 2020; accepted 1 November 2022

J. C. Cha, K. E. Orr
Transfinite Milnor invariants for 3-manifolds
Received 9 December 2020; accepted 10 September 2021

C. Chan, M. Oi
Geometric L-packets of Howe-unramified toral supercuspidal representations
Received 25 July 2021; accpeted 28 February 2022

J. Chen
On the regularity of the De Gregorio model for the 3D Euler equations
Received 31 July 2021; accepted 27 December 2021

M. Colbrook, A. C. Hansen
The foundations of spectral computations via the Solvability Complexity Index hierarchy
Received 10 August 2020, accepted 3 July 2022

B. Collins, R. Gurau, L. Lionni
The tensor Harish-Chandra–Itzykson–Zuber integral I: Weingarten calculus and a generalization of monotone Hurwitz numbers
Received 3 November 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

M. Colombo, R. Tione
Non-classical solutions of the p-Laplace equation
Received 25 February 2022; accepted 26 September 2022

J.-M. Coron, A. Koenig, H.-M. Nguyen
On the small-time local controllability of a KdV system for critical lengths
Received 9 October 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

M. Correggi, M. Falconi, M. Olivieri
Quasi-classical dynamics
Received 11 November 2019; accepted 4 January 2021

F. Costantino, T. Le
Stated Skein algebras of surfaces
Received 29 July 2019; accepted 26 October 2020

D. Cristofaro-Gardiner, V. Humilière, S. Seyfaddini
PFH spectral invariants on the two-sphere and the large scale geometry of Hofer’s metric
Received 2 April 2021; accepted 2 December 2021

N. V. Dang, M. Wrochna
Complex powers of the wave operator and the spectral action on Lorentzian scattering spaces
Received 2 July 2021; 3 October 2022

H. Darmon, A. Pozzi, J. Vonk
The values of the Dedekind-Rademacher cocycle at real multiplication points
*Received 23 February 2021; 28 March 2022

R. Datta, T. Murayama
Tate algebras and Frobenius non-splitting of excellent regular rings
Received 23 May 2020; accepted 11 September 2021

K. R. Davidson, M. Hartz
Interpolation and duality in algebras of multipliers on the ball
Received 8 April 2020; 24 March 2022

A. Daemi, C. Scaduto
Chern-Simons functional, singular instantons, and the four-dimensional clasp number
Received 19 November 2020; 2 June 2022

J. Dávila, M. del Pino, M. Medina, R. Rodiac
Interacting helical vortex filaments in the 3-dimensional Ginzburg–Landau equation
Received 31 July 2019; accepted 15 March 2021

E. Davoli, M. Friedrich
Two-well linearization for solid-solid phase transitions
Received 12 June 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

C. Daw, G. Binyamini
Effective computations for weakly optimal subvarieties
Received 24 August 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

J. F. de Bobadilla, I. Pallarés, M. Saito
Hodge Modules and Cobordism Classes
Received 23 June 2021; accepted 27 April 2022

M. A. A. de Cataldo, D. Maulik, J. Shen, S. Zhang
Cohomology of the moduli space of Higgs bundles via positive characteristic
Received 21 July 2021; accepted 26 November 2021

L. DeMarco, N. M. Mavraki
Elliptic surfaces and intersections of adelic R\mathbb{R}-divisors
Received 14 January 2021; 28 February 2022

L. Desvillettes, L.-B. He, J.-C. Jiang
A new monotonicity formula for the spatially homogeneous Landau equation with Coulomb potential and its applications
Received 31 October 2020; accepted 4 July 2021

J. DeWitt
Simultaneous linearization of diffeomorphisms of isotropic manifolds
Received 03 December 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

F. Diamond, S. Sasaki
A Serre weight conjecture for geometric Hilbert modular forms in characteristic p
Received 2 Feburary 2020; accepted 2 June 2022

B. Dirks, M. Mustata
Minimal exponents of hyperplane sections: a conjecture of Teissier
Receieved 3 September 2020; accepted 26 November 2021

H. Dong, Y. Li, Z. Yang
Optimal gradient estimates of solutions to the insulated conductivity problem in dimension greater than two
Received 10 November 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

X. Dou, G. Ren, I. Sabadini
Extension theorem and representation formula in non-axially symmetric domains for slice regular functions
Received 28 May 2020; accepted 4 January 2021

Y. Du, W. Ni
Rate of propagation for the Fisher-KPP equation with nonlocal diffusion and free boundaries
Received 18 July 2021; accepted 26 September 2022

R. Duan, S. Liu, Tong Yang
The Boltzmann equation for plane Couette flow
Received 05 July 2021; accepted 4 July 2022

J. Ebert, M. Wiemeler
On the homotopy type of the space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
Received 21 December 2020; accepted 28 February 2022

M. Ehrnström, S. Walsh, C. Zeng
Smooth stationary water waves with exponentially localized vorticity
Received 25 November 2019; accepted 26 September 2020

D. El-Baz, B. Huang, M. Lee
Effective joint equidistribution of primitive rational points on expanding horospheres
Received 12 March 2020; accepted 12 April 2021

A. Enciso, A. Luque, D. Peralta-Salas
MHD equilibria with nonconstant pressure in nondegenerate toroidal domains
Received 26 August 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

M. Erbar
A gradient flow approach to the Boltzmann equation
Received 29 March 2021; accepted 25 September 2021

C. Fan, D. Mendelson
Construction of L2L^2 log-log blowup solutions for the mass critical nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Received 2 November 2020; accepted 4 July 2021

I. Farah
Between reduced powers and ultrapowers
Received 28 June 2020; accepted 17 April 2021

T. Finn, A. Stauffer
Non-equilibrium multi-scale analysis and coexistence in competing first passage percolation
Received 18 October 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

D. Fiorilli, G. Martin
A disproof of Hooley's conjecture
Received 24 August 2020; accepted 2 June 2022

M. Foreman, B. Weiss
Measure preserving diffeomorphisms of the torus are unclassifiable
Received 22 May 2019; accepted 29 December 2020

G. Forni
Twisted translation flows and effective weak mixing
Received 10 September 2019; accepted 23 August 2021

J. Freitag, R. Moosa
Bounding nonminimality and a conjecture of Borovik-Cherlin
Received 11 June 2021; accepted 21 March 2022

E. Frenkel, P. Koroteev, D. Sage, A. Zeitlin
q-opers, QQ-systems, and Bethe ansatz
Received 30 May 2020; accepted 19 September 2020

I. Ganev, D. Jordan, P. Safronov
The quantum Frobenius for character varieties and multiplicative quiver varieties
Received 21 October 2021; accepted 28 March 2022

T. Gannon, C. Negron
Quantum SL(2) and logarithmic vertex operator algebras at (p,1)-central charge
Received 27 April 2022; accepted 1 November 2022

H. Gao
Breuil–Kisin modules and integral p-adic Hodge theory
Received 28 June 2020; accepted 27 October 2020

C. Garban, A. Sepúlveda
Statistical reconstruction of the Gaussian free field and KT transition
Received 28 July 2020; accepted 25 September 2021

B. Gheorghe, D. Isaksen, A. Krause, N. Ricka
C-motivic modular forms
Received 8 August 2019; accepted 4 June 2020

T.-E. Ghoul, C. Collot, N. Masmoudi, S. Ibrahim
On Singularity Formation for the Two Dimensional Unsteady Prandtl's System
Received 17 October 2018; accepted 24 March 2022

E. Glasner, W. Huang, S. Shao, B. Weiss, X. Ye
Topological characteristic factors and nilsystems
Received 20 May 2021; accepted 13 February 2022

A. Gogolev, F. Rodriguez Hertz
Smooth rigidity for vert non-algebraic expanding maps
Received 4 May 2020; accepted 28 December 2020

G. Goldberg, F. Schlutzenberg
Periodicity in the cumulative hierarchy
Received 14 November 2020; accepted 25 March 2021

M. Goldstern, J. Kellner, D. Mejia, S. Shelah
Cichon's maximum without large cardinals
Received 13 August 2019; accepted 23 April 2020

V. Gorin, V. Kleptsyn
Universal objects of the infinite beta random matrix theory
Received 7 January 2021; accepted 27 December 2021

D. Gourevitch, E. Kaplan
Multiplicity one theorem for the generalized doubling method
Received 14 November 2019; accepted 2 March 2021

L. Grabowski, A. Mathe, O. Pikhurko
Measurable equidecompositions for group actions with an expansion property
Received 3 October 2019; accepted 19 September 2020

M. Gubinelli, H. Koch, T. Oh
Paracontrolled approach to the three-dimensional stochastic nonlinear wave equation with quadratic nonlinearity
Received 15 September 2020; accepted 15 March 2021

Y. Guo, I. Tice
Stability of contact lines in fluids: 2D Navier-Stokes flow
Received 30 October 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

L. Guth, D. Maldague, H. Wang
Improved decoupling for the parabola
Received 19 September 2020; accepted 10 September 2021

Y. Halevi, I. Kaplan, S. Shelah
Infinite Stable Graphs With Large Chromatic Number II
Received 3 April 2021; accepted 24 September 2021

F. Hamel, N. Nadirashvili
Circular flows for the Euler equations in two-dimensional annular domains
Received 3 September 2019; accepted 15 March 2021

M. Hoyois, J. Jelisiejew, D. Nardin, B. Totaro, M. Yakerson
The Hilbert scheme of infinite affine space and algebraic K-theory
Received 10 August 2021; accepted 2 December 2021

H. Huang, B. Slomka, T. Tkocz, B. Vritsiou
Improved bounds for Hadwiger's covering problem via thin-shell estimates
Received 3 April 2019; accepted 1 December 2020

C. Y. Hui
On the rationality of algebraic monodromy groups of compatible systems
Received 1 December 2021; accepted 17 August 2022

J. Hundley, B. Liu
On automorphic descent from GL7 to G2
Received 6 July 2020; accepted 23 August 2021

R. İnanç Baykur, N. Hamada
Lefschetz fibrations with arbitrary signature
Received 3 December 2020; accepted 10 September 2021

D. Jiang, B. Liu
On Wave Front Sets of Global Arthur Packets of Classical Groups: Upper Bound
Received 15 December 2021; accepted 1 August 2022

S. Jitomirskaya, W. Liu
Universal reflective-hierarchical structure of quasiperiodic eigenfunctions and sharp spectral transition in phase
Received 30 November 2020; 26 September 2022

W. Johnson
The classification of dp-minimal and dp-small fields
Received 12 September 2019; accepted 16 July 2020

W. Johnson, C.-M. Tran, E. Walsberg, J. Ye
The étale-open topology and the stable fields conjecture
Received 25 February 2021; accepted 4 October 2021

A. Juhasz, I. Zemke
Concordance surgery and the Ozsvath–Szabo 4-manifold invariant
Received 19 November 2019; accepted 4 June 2020

N. Karpenko
An ultimate proof of Hoffmann–Totaro's conjecture
Received 9 December 2019; accepted 27 April 2020

M. Kashiwara, M. Kim, S. Oh, E. Park
PBW theory for quantum affine algebras
Received 29 November 2020; accepted 3 July 2021

T. Kato, N. Nakamura, K. Yasui
The simple type conjecture for mod 2 Seiberg–Witten invariants
Received 23 September 2020; accepted 31 January 2021

P. Kim, R. Song, Z. Vondraček
Sharp two-sided Green function estimates for Dirichlet forms degenerate at the boundary
Received 28 November 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

M. Kisin, Y. H. J. Lam, A. N. Shankar, P. Srinivasan
Finiteness of Reductions of Hecke Orbits
Received 23 July 2021; accepted 3 October 2022

D. Lacker, M. Shkolnikov, J. Zhang
Superposition and mimicking theorems for conditional McKean-Vlasov equations
Received 29 April 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

A. Langer
Nearby cycles and semipositivity in positive characteristic
Received 13 April 2019; accepted 1 March 2022

N. Lazarovich, A. Levit, Y. N. Minsky
Surface groups are flexibly stable
Received 10 August 2021; 1 August 2022

M. Leguil, Z. Zhang
CrC^r prevalence of stable ergodicity for a class of partially hyperbolic systems
Received 29 June 2019; accepted 24 March 2020

B. Lehmann, S. Tanimoto
Classifying sections of del Pezzo fibrations, I
Received 25 April 2020; accepted 1 November 2022

Z. Li
Global Schrödinger map flows to Kähler manifolds with small data in critical Sobolev spaces: Energy critical case
Received 28 September 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

L. Liu
Cohomologie des fibrés en droite sur SL3 /B en caractéristique positive : deux filtrations et conséquences
Received 23 October 2020; accepted 25 January 2022

S. Li, T. Liu
Comparison of prismatic cohomology and derived de Rham cohomology
Received 15 May 2021; accepted 27 April 2022

D. Loeffler, S. Zerbes
On the Bloch–Kato conjecture for the symmetric cube
Received 13 May 2020; accepted 1 February 2021

D. Loughran, L. Matthiesen
Frobenian multiplicative functions and rational points in fibrations
Received 22 April 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

G. Lugosi, S. Mendelson
Multivariate mean estimation with direction-dependent accuracy
Received 20 November 2020; accepted 3 July 2022

Y. Luo
On geometrically finite degeneration I: boundaries of main hyperbolic components
Received 27 January 2021; accepted 28 February 2022

J. McCandless
On curves in K-theory and TR
Received 5 March 2021, accepted 28 February 2022

L. Manivel, M. Michałek, L. Monin, T. Seynnaeve, M. Vodička
Complete quadrics: Schubert calculus for Gaussian models and semidefinite programming
Received 10 December 2020; accepted 28 February 2022

K. Matomäki, J. Teräväinen
On the Möbius function in all short intervals
Received 27 November 2019; accepted 29 December 2020

W. H. Meeks III, G. Tinaglia
Geometry of constant mean curvature surfaces
Received 13 September 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

J. Merikoski
Largest prime factor of n2+1n^2+1
Received 5 December 2019; accepted 26 October 2020

A. Mihatsch, W. Zhang
On the Arithmetic Fundamental Lemma Conjecture over a general pp-adic field
Received 28 April 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

A. Mondino, S. Suhr
An optimal transport formulation of the Einstein equations of general relativity
Received 3 October 2019; accepted 4 July 2021

I. Morris, Ç. Sert
A converse statement to Hutchinson's theorem and a dimension gap for self-affine measures
Received 25 June 2020; accepted 21 June 2021

J. Newton, J. Thorne
Adjoint Selmer groups of automorphic Galois representations of unitary type
Received 27 January 2020; accepted 16 July 2020

R. Nickl, S. Wang
On polynomial-time computation of high-dimensional posterior measures by Langevin-type algorithms
Received 5 October 2020; accepted 24 March 2022

P. Nolin, V. Tassion, A. Teixeira
No exceptional words for Bernoulli percolation
Received 7 September 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

Y. Nozaki, K. Sato, M. Taniguchi
Filtered instanton Floer homology and the homology cobordism group
Received 14 April 2021; accepted 25 January 2022

A. Oswal
A non-archimedean definable Chow theorem
Received 21 July 2021; accpeted 13 February 2022

W. Ou
Foliations whose first Chern class is nef
Received 15 October 2021; accepted 3 October 2022

W. Pawłucki
Strict C^p-triangulations - a new approach to desingularization
Received 28 January 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

E. Peltola, Y. Wang
Large deviations of multichordal SLE0+, real rational functions, and zeta-regularized determinants of Laplacians
Received 21 June 2020; accepted 15 March 2021

O. L. Petersen, A. Vasy
Wave equations in the Kerr-de Sitter spacetime: the full subextremal range
Received 20 Dec 2021; accepted 26 September 2022

M. Porta, F. Sala
Two-dimensional categorified Hall algebras
Received 1 October 2020; accepted 2 March 2021

R. Poudevigne
Monotonicity and phase transition for the VRJP and the ERRW
Received 2 September 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

Z. Qi
Subconvexity for LL-functions on GL3\mathrm{GL}_3 over number fields
Received 6 October 2020; accepted 25 October 2021

F. Qin
Bases for upper cluster algebras and tropical points
Received 12 October 2020; accepted 17 August 2021

J. Royer
Low frequency asymptotics and local energy decay for the Schrödinger equation
Received 01 November 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

J. Salez
Cutoff for non-negatively curved Markov chains
22 March 2021; 26 September 2022

P. A. S. Salomão, U. L. Hryniewicz
Genus zero global surfaces of section for Reeb flows and a result of Birkhoff
Received 16 December 2019; accepted 26 November 2021

S. Schreieder
Infinite torsion in Griffiths groups
Received 27 September 2021; accepted 25 January 2022

P. Shmerkin
A nonlinear version of Bourgain's projection theorem
Received 10 July 2020; accepted 27 December 2021

A. Shnidman
Manin-Drinfeld cycles and derivatives of L-functions
Received 6 February 2021; accepted 20 October 2021

A. N. Skorobogatov, Y. G. Zarhin
Corrigendum to "The Brauer group and the Brauer–Manin set ofproducts of varieties" J. Eur. Math. Soc. 16 (2014) 749–768
Received 30 August 2021; accepted 1 October 2021

N. Soave, Susanna Terracini
An anisotropic monotoncity formula, with applications to some segregation problems
Received 2 June 2020; accepted 8 July 2022

J. P. Solomon, S. Tukachinsky
Relative quantum cohomology
Received 7 January 2021; accepted 2 August 2022

N. Technau, N. Yesha
On the correlations of nαn^{\alpha} mod 1
Received 5 July 2020; accepted 1 March 2022

J. Teyssier
Moduli of Stokes torsors and singularities of differential equations
Received 9 September 2019; accepted 28 March 2020

I. Tomon
String graphs have the Erdös-Hajnal property
Received 8 November 2022; accepted 8 November 2022

A. Topaz
A Torelli-like theorem for higher-dimensional function fields
Received 2 June 2021; accepted 2 June 2022

G. Urzúa, S. Troncoso
Savage surfaces
Received 14 July 2020; accepted 11 September 2021

P. van Hintum, H. Spink, M. Tiba
Sharp quantitative stability of the planar Brunn–Minkowski inequality
Received 12 August 2020; accepted 4 July 2021

E. Vasserot, M. Kapranov
The cohomological Hall algebra of a surface and factorization cohomology
Received 11 April 2019; accepted 4 July 2022

C. Wang
Sharp local well-posedness for quasilinear wave equations with spherical symmetry
Received 15 July 2020; accepted 15 March 2021

F.-Y. Wang
Convergence in Wasserstein Distance for Empirical Measures of Dirichlet Diffusion Processes on Manifolds
Received 1 June 2020; accepted 25 September 2021

H. Wang
The classification of 2-reflective modular forms
Received 30 May 2019; accepted 8 November 2022

K. Zhang
A quantization proof of the uniform Yau-Tian-Donaldson conjecture
Recieved 20 April 2021; accepted 3 July 2022

H. Wu, W. Zhang
The Betti Number of the Independence Complex of Ternary Graphs
Received 17 May 2021; accepted 17 October 2021

Y. Xie, B. Zhang
Classification of links with Khovanov homology of minimal rank
Received 20 May 2021; accepted 25 January 2022

C. Zibrowius
On symmetries of peculiar modules; or, δ\delta-graded link Floer homology is mutation invariant
Received 12 November 2019; accepted 8 April 2021