Property (T) and exotic quantum group norms

  • David Kyed

    University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Piotr M. Sołtan

    University of Warsaw, Poland


Utilizing the notion of property (T) we construct new examples of quantum group norms on the polynomial algebra of a compact quantum group, and provide criteria ensuring that these are not equal to neither the minimal nor the maximal norm. Along the way we generalize several classical operator algebraic characterizations of property (T) to the quantum group setting which unify recent approaches to property (T) for quantum groups with previous ones. The techniques developed furthermore provide tools to answer two open problems; firstly a question by Bédos, Murphy and Tuset about automatic continuity of the comultiplication and secondly a problem left open by Woronowicz regarding the structure of elements whose coproduct is a finite sum of simple tensors.

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David Kyed, Piotr M. Sołtan, Property (T) and exotic quantum group norms. J. Noncommut. Geom. 6 (2012), no. 4, pp. 773–800

DOI 10.4171/JNCG/105