Journal of Spectral Theory

DOI: 10.4171/JST | ISSN: 1664-039X | eISSN: 1664-0403

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The Journal of Spectral Theory is devoted to the publication of research articles that focus on spectral theory and its many areas of application.

Authors should be aware of the fact that the journal has a significant backlog and all involved are working to reduce it now. This implies that submissions of over 30 pages will attract extra scrutiny during the refereeing process and the bar for acceptance is substantially higher for such manuscripts.

The following list includes several aspects of spectral theory and also fields which feature substantial applications of (or to) spectral theory.

  • Schrödinger operators, scattering theory and resonances;

  • eigenvalues: perturbation theory, asymptotics and inequalities;

  • quantum graphs, graph Laplacians;

  • pseudo-differential operators and semi-classical analysis;

  • random matrix theory;

  • the Anderson model and other random media;

  • non-self-adjoint matrices and operators, including Toeplitz operators;

  • spectral geometry, including manifolds and automorphic forms;

  • linear and nonlinear differential operators, especially those arising in geometry and physics;

  • orthogonal polynomials;

  • inverse problems.

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