On mother body measures with algebraic Cauchy transform

  • Rikard Bøgvad

    Stockholm University, Sweden
  • Boris Shapiro

    Stockholm University, Sweden
On mother body measures with algebraic Cauchy transform cover
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Below we discuss the existence of a mother body measure for the exterior inverse problem in potential theory in the complex plane. More exactly, we study the question of representability almost everywhere (a.e.) in of (a branch of) an irreducible algebraic function as the Cauchy transform of a signed measure supported on a finite number of compact semi-analytic curves and a finite number of isolated points. Firstly, we present a large class of algebraic functions for which there (conjecturally) always exists a positive measure with the above properties. This class was discovered in our earlier study of exactly solvable linear differential operators. Secondly, we investigate in detail the representability problem in the case when the Cauchy transform satisfies a quadratic equation with polynomial coefficients a.e. in . Several conjectures and open problems are posed.

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Rikard Bøgvad, Boris Shapiro, On mother body measures with algebraic Cauchy transform. Enseign. Math. 62 (2016), no. 1/2, pp. 117–142

DOI 10.4171/LEM/62-1/2-8