ERME column

  • Anna Baccaglini-Frank

    University of Pisa, Italy
  • Carla Finesilver

    King's College London, United Kingdom
  • Michal Tabach

    Tel Aviv University, Israel
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In this contribution we introduce three classical theoretical stances within the field of mathematics education regarding representations. Our aim is to highlight what we consider to be an interesting shift in how representations are conceived and studied in the field of mathematics education, and how this could impact both the practice of teaching and learning mathematics, and on further theorizing mathematical representation. We also indicate potential directions in which to develop ways to talk about newer forms of dynamic interactive representation.

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Anna Baccaglini-Frank, Carla Finesilver, Michal Tabach, ERME column. Eur. Math. Soc. Mag. 123 (2022), pp. 45–51

DOI 10.4171/MAG/74