JournalsprimsVol. 40 , No. 3DOI 10.2977/prims/1145475497

Filtrations on Chow Groups and Transcendence Degree

  • Morihiko Saito

    Kyoto University, Japan
Filtrations on Chow Groups and Transcendence Degree cover


For a smooth complex projective variety X defined over a number field, we have filtrations on the Chow groups depending on the choice of realizations. If the realization consists of mixed Hodge structure without any additional structure, we can show that the obtained filtration coincides with the filtration of Green and Griffiths, assuming the Hodge conjecture. In the case the realizations contain Hodge structure and etale cohomology, we prove that if the second graded piece of the filtration does not vanish, it contains a nonzero element which is represented by a cycle defined over a field of transcendence degree one. This may be viewed as a refinement of results of Nori, Schoen, and Green–Griffiths–Paranjape. For higher graded pieces we have a similar assertion assuming a conjecture of Beilinson and Grothendieck’s generalized Hodge conjecture.