Quantum Topology

Quantum Topol. cover

Issues of this journal published between 1 January 2021 and 31 December 2022 are accessible as open access under our Subscribe to Open model.

Quantum Topology is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original research articles, short communications, and surveys in quantum topology and related areas of mathematics. Topics covered include in particular:

  • Low-dimensional Topology

  • Knot Theory

  • Jones Polynomial and Khovanov Homology

  • Topological Quantum Field Theory

  • Quantum Groups and Hopf Algebras

  • Mapping Class Groups and Teichmüller space

  • Categorification

  • Braid Groups and Braided Categories

  • Fusion Categories

  • Subfactors and Planar Algebras

  • Contact and Symplectic Topology

  • Topological Methods in Physics

Quantum Topology is covered in: Mathematical Reviews (MR), Current Mathematical Publications (CMP), MathSciNet, Zentralblatt für Mathematik, Zentralblatt MATH Database, Emerging Sources Citation Index.

This journal adheres to the EMS Code of Practice.