JournalsrmiVol. 31, No. 2pp. 411–438

Lattice points in rotated convex domains

  • Jingwei Guo

    University of Scinece and Technology of China, Hefei, Anhui, China
Lattice points in rotated convex domains cover
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If BRd\mathcal{B}\subset \mathbb{R}^d (d2d\geqslant 2) is a compact convex domain with a smooth boundary of finite type, we prove that for almost every rotation θSO(d)\theta\in SO(d) the remainder of the lattice point problem, PθB(t)P_{\theta \mathcal{B}}(t), is of order Oθ(td2+2/(d+1)ζd)O_{\theta}(t^{d-2+2/(d+1)-\zeta_d}) with a positive number ζd\zeta_d. Furthermore we extend the estimate of the above type, in the planar case, to general compact convex domains.

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Jingwei Guo, Lattice points in rotated convex domains. Rev. Mat. Iberoam. 31 (2015), no. 2, pp. 411–438

DOI 10.4171/RMI/839