On Fourier Transforms of Wavelet Packets

  • R. Kumar

    Jamia Millia Islama, New Delhi, India
  • K. Ahmad

    Jamia Millia Islama, New Delhi, India
  • L. Debnath

    University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA


This paper deals with the Fourier transform ω^n\hat{\omega}_n of wavelet packets ωnL2(R)\omega_n \in L^2 (\mathbb R) relative to the scaling function φ=ω0\varphi = \omega_0. Included there are proofs of the following statements:
(i) ω^n(0)\hat{\omega}_n (0)) = 0 for all nNn \in \mathbb N.
(ii) ω^n(4nkπ)=0\hat{\omega}_n (4nk\pi) = 0 for all kZ,n=2jk \in \mathbb Z, n = 2j for some jN0j \in \mathbb N_0, provided φ^,m0|\hat{\varphi}|, |m_0| are continuous.
(iii)ω^n(ξ)2=s=02r1ω^2rn+s(2rξ)2|\hat{\omega}_n (\xi)|^2 = \sum^{2^r–1}_{s=0} |\hat{\omega}_{2^r n+s} (2^r \xi)|^2 for r2Nr 2\in \mathbb N.
(iv) j=1s=02r1kZω^n(2j+r(ξ+2kπ))2=1\sum^\infty_{j=1} \sum^{2^r–1}_{s=0} \sum_{k \in \mathbb Z} |\hat{\omega}_n (2^{j+r} (\xi + 2k\pi))|^2 = 1 for a.a. ξR\xi \in \mathbb R where r=1,2,...,jr = 1, 2,...,j.
Moreover, several theorems including a result on quadrature mirror filter are proved by using the Fourier transform of wavelet packets.

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R. Kumar, K. Ahmad, L. Debnath, On Fourier Transforms of Wavelet Packets. Z. Anal. Anwend. 20 (2001), no. 3, pp. 579–588

DOI 10.4171/ZAA/1032