22 September 2020

EMS Press launches new offer to support sustainable Open Access publishing

Beatriz Sanz Lluesma

EMS Press launches a new 3-year journals subscription offer with a price freeze and an additional discount to support Open Access with the Subscribe to Open model.

EMS Press Open Access

Berlin, Germany – 22nd September 2020

EMS Press, the publishing house of the European Mathematical Society, announced in June its Subscribe To Open (S2O) programme – initially for 10 journals. With S2O, libraries continue to subscribe to journals for the upcoming year (with the usual subscriber benefits, such as access to the archive). At the end of the current year if a journal has achieved the target set by the Press then that journal becomes open access for the coming year – if not then it remains behind a paywall and only subscribers will have access.

The decision has been well received by the mathematics community and librarians who value sustainable Open Access publishing and enjoy close ties with the Press.

Now EMS Press is launching a new offer that allows libraries to reduce costs and at the same time to contribute to high-quality Open Access publishing. The offer is a 3-year subscription with the following conditions:

  • For individual journal titles: 3-year subscription with price freeze.

  • For the journals package: 3-year subscription with price freeze and a 5% discount for each year (3x 4655 EUR instead of 3x 4900 EUR).

  • Archive access included.

The offer is valid until the 30th of November 2020. The price freeze is based on the current price list (2021). Invoices can be issued on a year-by-year basis or as a total amount upfront. Download a PDF copy of this press release.

For subscriptions or enquiries please contact Beatriz Sanz at sanz@ems.press.


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