Representations and cohomology of finite group schemes

  • Julia Pevtsova

    University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Representations and cohomology of finite  group schemes cover
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This is a survey article covering developments in representation theory of finite group schemes over the last fifteen years. We start with the finite generation of cohomology of a finite group scheme and proceed to discuss various consequences and theories that ultimately grew out of that result. This includes the theory of one-parameter subgroups and rank varieties for infinitesimal group schemes; the -points and -support spaces for finite group schemes, modules of constant rank and constant Jordan type, and construction of bundles on varieties closely related to for an infinitesimal group scheme . The material is mostly complementary to the article of D. Benson on elementary abelian -groups in the same volume; we concentrate on the aspects of the theory which either hold generally for any finite group scheme or are specific to finite group schemes which are not finite groups. In the last section we discuss varieties of elementary subalgebras of modular Lie algebras, generalizations of modules of constant Jordan type, and new constructions of bundles on projective varieties associated to a modular Lie algebra.