Higher-Dimensional Knots According to Michel Kervaire

  • Françoise Michel

    Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
  • Claude Weber

    Université de Genève, Switzerland
Higher-Dimensional Knots According to Michel Kervaire cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–iv
PrefaceDownload p. v
ContentsDownload pp. vii–ix
1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–7
2Some tools of differential topologypp. 9–14
3The Kervaire–Milnor study of homotopy spherespp. 15–26
4Differentiable knots in codimension pp. 27–31
5The fundamental group of a knot complementpp. 33–42
6Knot modulespp. 43–60
7Odd-dimensional simple linkspp. 61–67
8Knot cobordismpp. 69–74
9Singularities of complex hypersurfacespp. 75–89
ALinking numbers and signspp. 91–92
BExistence of Seifert hypersurfacespp. 93–94
COpen book decompositionspp. 95–97
DHandlebodies and plumbingspp. 99–107
EHomotopy spheres embedded in codimension 2 and the Kervaire–Arf–Robertello–Levine invariantpp. 109–113
FFigurespp. 115–119
Bibliographypp. 121–128
Index of Notationp. 129
Index of Quoted Theoremspp. 131–132
Index of Terminologypp. 133–134