Lectures on Selected Topics in von Neumann Algebras

  • Fumio Hiai

    Tohoku University, Japan
Lectures on Selected Topics in von Neumann Algebras cover

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PrefaceDownload pp. i–viii
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1Von Neumann algebras – An overviewpp. 1–12
2Tomita–Takesaki modular theorypp. 13–24
3Standard form pp. 25–38
4-Measurable operatorspp. 39–70
5Conditional expectations and generalized conditional expectationspp. 71–86
6Connes’ cocycle derivatives pp. 87–94
7Operator-valued weightspp. 95–122
8Takesaki duality and structure theorypp. 123–138
9Haagerup’s -spacespp. 139–162
10Relative modular operators and Connes’ cocycle derivatives (continued)pp. 163–180
11Spatial derivatives and spatial -spacespp. 181–210
Positive self-adjoint operators and positive quadratic formspp. 211–230
Bibliographypp. 231–238
Indexpp. 239–241