Four Faces of Number Theory

  • Kathrin Bringmann

    Universität zu Köln, Germany
  • Yann Bugeaud

    IRMA Strasbourg, France
  • Titus Hilberdink

    University of Reading, UK
  • Jürgen W. Sander

    Universität Hildesheim, Germany
Four Faces of Number Theory cover

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Frontmatter, ForewordDownload pp. i–vi
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1Asymptotic formulas for modular forms and related functionspp. 1–28
Bibliographypp. 29–30
2Expansions of algebraic numberspp. 31–72
Bibliographypp. 72–75
3Multiplicative Toeplitz matrices and the Riemann zeta functionpp. 77–120
Bibliographypp. 120–121
4Arithmetical topics in algebraic graph theorypp. 123–183
Bibliographypp. 183–185
Indexpp. 187–190