Lectures on Differential Geometry

  • Iskander A. Taimanov

    Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia
Lectures on Differential Geometry cover

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IPart I Curves and surfacesp. 1
1Theory of curvespp. 3–14
2Theory of surfacespp. 15–46
IIPart II Riemannian geometryp. 47
3Smooth manifoldspp. 49–68
4Riemannian manifoldspp. 69–88
5The Lobachevskii plane and the Minkowski spacepp. 89–99
IIIPart III Supplement chaptersp. 101
6Minimal surfaces and complex analysispp. 103–116
7Elements of Lie group theorypp. 117–134
8Elements of representation theorypp. 135–153
9Elements of Poisson and symplectic geometrypp. 154–203
Bibliographyp. 205
Indexpp. 207–211