Concentration Compactness for Critical Wave Maps

  • Joachim Krieger

    EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Wilhelm Schlag

    University of Chicago, USA
Concentration Compactness for Critical Wave Maps cover

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1Introduction and overviewDownload pp. 1–23
2The spaces and pp. 25–64
3Hodge decomposition and null-structurespp. 65–72
4Bilinear estimates involving and spacespp. 73–114
5Trilinear estimatespp. 115–195
6Quintilinear and higher nonlinearitiespp. 197–222
7Some basic perturbative resultspp. 223–275
8BMO, , and weighted commutator estimatespp. 277–292
9The Bahouri–Gérard concentration compactness methodpp. 293–426
10The proof of the main theorempp. 427–457
11Appendixpp. 459–475
Referencespp. 477–480
Indexpp. 481–484