Elements of Asymptotic Geometry

  • Sergei Buyalo

    Steklov Institute of Mathematics, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Viktor Schroeder

    University of Zurich, Switzerland
Elements of Asymptotic Geometry cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–v
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PrefaceDownload pp. xi–xii
1Hyperbolic geodesic spacespp. 1–8
2The boundary at infinitypp. 9–22
3Busemann functions on hyperbolic spacespp. 23–34
4Morphisms of hyperbolic spacespp. 35–47
5Quasi-Möbius and quasi-symmetric mapspp. 49–67
6Hyperbolic approximation of metric spacespp. 69–80
7Extension theoremspp. 81–96
8Embedding theoremspp. 97–105
9Basics of dimension theorypp. 107–128
10Asymptotic dimensionpp. 129–135
11Linearly controlled metric dimension: Basic propertiespp. 137–146
12Linearly controlled metric dimension: Applicationspp. 147–157
13Hyperbolic dimensionpp. 159–166
14Hyperbolic rank and subexponential corankpp. 167–179
Models of the hyperbolic space pp. 181–191
Bibliographypp. 193–196
Indexpp. 197–200