Microlocal Analysis of Quantum Fields on Curved Spacetimes

  • Christian Gérard

    Université de Paris 11, Orsay, France
Microlocal Analysis of Quantum Fields on Curved Spacetimes cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–iv
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1IntroductionDownload pp. 1–5
2Free Klein–Gordon fields on Minkowski spacetimepp. 7–14
3Fock quantization on Minkowski spacepp. 15–20
4CCR algebras and quasi-free statespp. 21–42
5Free Klein–Gordon fields on curved spacetimespp. 43–63
6Quasi-free states on curved spacetimespp. 65–70
7Microlocal analysis of Klein–Gordon equationspp. 71–80
8Hadamard statespp. 81–91
9Vacuum and thermal states on stationary spacetimespp. 93–102
10Pseudodifferential calculus on manifoldspp. 103–114
11Construction of Hadamard states by pseudodifferential calculuspp. 115–128
12Analytic Hadamard states and Wick rotationpp. 129–141
13Hadamard states and characteristic Cauchy problempp. 143–157
14Klein–Gordon fields on spacetimes with Killing horizonspp. 159–167
15Hadamard states and scattering theorypp. 169–175
16Feynman propagator on asymptotically Minkowski spacetimespp. 177–185
17Dirac fields on curved spacetimespp. 187–207
Bibliographypp. 209–214
General Indexpp. 215–217
Index of Notationspp. 219–220