Analytic Projective Geometry

  • Eduardo Casas-Alvero

    Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Analytic Projective Geometry cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–v
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IntroductionDownload pp. xi–xiv
General conventionsDownload pp. xv–xvi
1Projective spaces and linear varietiespp. 1–33
2Projective coordinates and cross ratiopp. 34–71
3Affine geometrypp. 72–99
4Dualitypp. 100–123
5Projective transformationspp. 124–192
6Quadric hypersurfacespp. 193–255
7Classification and properties of quadricspp. 256–308
8Further properties of quadricspp. 309–355
9Projective spaces of quadricspp. 356–437
10Metric geometry of quadricspp. 438–492
11Three projective classificationspp. 493–552
APerspective (for artists)pp. 553–567
BModels of non-Euclidean geometriespp. 568–601
Bibliographypp. 603–604
Symbolspp. 605–606
Indexpp. 607–620