An Invitation to Quantum Groups and Duality

From Hopf Algebras to Multiplicative Unitaries and Beyond

  • Thomas Timmermann

    University of Münster, Germany
An Invitation to Quantum Groups and Duality cover

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ContentsDownload pp. ix–xiii
IntroductionDownload pp. xv–xx
Part I From groups to quantum groupsp. 1
1Hopf algebraspp. 3–39
2Multiplier Hopf algebras and their dualitypp. 40–64
3Algebraic compact quantum groupspp. 65–93
Part II Quantum groups in the setting of -algebras and von Neumann algebrasp. 95
4First definitions and examplespp. 97–106
5-algebraic compact quantum groupspp. 107–134
6Examples of compact quantum groupspp. 135–165
7Multiplicative unitariespp. 166–202
8Locally compact quantum groupspp. 203–247
Part III Selected topicsp. 249
9Coactions on -algebras, reduced crossed products, and dualitypp. 251–288
10Pseudo-multiplicative unitaries on Hilbert spacespp. 289–327
11Pseudo-multiplicative unitaries on -modulespp. 328–368
12Appendixpp. 369–383
Bibliographypp. 385–396
Symbol Indexpp. 397–399
Indexpp. 401–407