Lectures on Curves, Surfaces and Projective Varieties

A Classical View of Algebraic Geometry

  • Mauro C. Beltrametti

    University of Genova, Italy
  • Ettore Carletti

    University of Genova, Italy
  • Dionisio Gallarati

    University of Genova, Italy
  • Giacomo Monti Bragadin

    University of Genova, Italy
Lectures on Curves, Surfaces and Projective Varieties cover

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FrontmatterDownload pp. i–v
PrefaceDownload pp. vii–xi
ContentsDownload pp. xiii–xv
1Prerequisitespp. 1–11
2Algebraic Sets, Morphisms, and Rational Mapspp. 12–50
3Geometric Properties of Algebraic Varietiespp. 51–82
4Rudiments of Elimination Theorypp. 83–105
5Hypersurfaces in Projective Spacepp. 106–165
6Linear Systemspp. 166–196
7Algebraic Curvespp. 197–237
8Linear Series on Algebraic Curvespp. 238–291
9Cremona Transformationspp. 292–339
10Rational Surfacespp. 340–385
11Segre Varietiespp. 386–398
12Grassmann Varietiespp. 399–432
13Supplementary Exercisespp. 433–465
Bibliographypp. 467–473
Indexpp. 475–491