The Blind Spot

Lectures on Logic

  • Jean-Yves Girard

    Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy, Marseille, France
The Blind Spot cover
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ForewordDownload pp. xi–xiii
Part I The basicsp. 1
1Existence vs. essencepp. 3–14
2Incompletenesspp. 15–40
3Classical sequents: LKpp. 41–69
4Intuitionistic logic: LJ, NJpp. 70–93
Part II Around Curry–Howardp. 95
5Functional interpretationspp. 97–114
6System Fpp. 115–139
7The category-theoretic interpretationpp. 140–159
Part III Linear logicp. 161
8Coherent spacespp. 163–177
9Linear logicpp. 178–196
10Perfection vs. imperfectionpp. 197–215
11Proof-netspp. 216–247
Part IV Polarised interpretationsp. 249
12A hypothesis: polarisationpp. 251–271
13Designs and behaviourspp. 272–305
14Ludics: the reconstructionpp. 306–330
15Orthodox exponentialspp. 331–353
Part V Iconoclasmp. 355
16Heterodox exponentialspp. 357–368
17Quantum coherent spacespp. 369–402
18Nets and dualitypp. 403–414
Part VI Geometry of interactionp. 415
19The feedback equationpp. 417–442
20Babel Tower vs. GreatWallpp. 443–461
21Finite GoIpp. 462–496
Envoi. The phantom of transparencypp. 497–507
Bibliographypp. 509–515
Indexpp. 517–537