Regularity Theory for Elliptic PDE

  • Xavier Fernández-Real

    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Xavier Ros-Oton

    ICREA; Universitat de Barcelona; and Centre de Recerca Matemàtica, Spain
Regularity Theory for Elliptic PDE cover

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1Overview and preliminariespp. 1–23
2Linear elliptic PDEpp. 25–71
3Nonlinear variational PDE and Hilbert’s XIXth problempp. 73–97
4Fully nonlinear elliptic PDEpp. 99–125
5The obstacle problempp. 127–180
ASome properties of Hölder spacespp. 181–191
BProof of the boundary Harnack inequalitypp. 193–201
CProbabilistic interpretation of fully nonlinear equationspp. 203–210
DMotivations and applications for the obstacle problempp. 211–217
Referencespp. 221–225
Indexpp. 227–228