Calogero–Moser systems and representation theory

  • Pavel Etingof

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Calogero–Moser systems and representation theory cover

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Calogero–Moser systems, which were originally discovered by specialists in integrable systems are currently at the crossroads of many areas of mathematics and within the scope of interests of many mathematicians. More specifically, these systems and their generalizations turned out to have intrinsic connections with such fields as algebraic geometry (Hilbert schemes of surfaces), representation theory (double affine Hecke algebras, Lie groups, quantum groups), deformation theory (symplectic reflection algebras), homological algebra (Koszul algebras), Poisson geometry, etc. The goal of the present lecture notes is to give an introduction to the theory of Calogero–Moser systems, highlighting their interplay with these fields. Since these lectures are designed for non-experts, we give short introductions to each of the subjects involved, and provide a number of exercises.

The book will be suitable for mathematics graduate students and researchers in the areas of representation theory, noncommutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and related areas.